Email Delivery Service

Always have your business-crucial emails delivered


What is the Email Delivery service?

Eliminate the worry of undelivered transactional emails

The Email Delivery Service (EDS) ensures that automated emails, including crucial information such as account creation, order confirmation, password resets, and more, are always delivered to your contacts. Without the EDS, you risk facing poor email delivery. This can result in emails being filtered into spam folders, bouncing back, or not reaching the recipient, damaging your brand reputation and reducing customer engagement.

Send large numbers of emails in a fast single session for transactional and marketing emails.

Easily integrated as an SMTP server within popular content management systems such as WordPress, Magento, and others.

Packages and pricing plans

Choose the pricing plan that fits your communication needs. Whether you’re a small startup or a large enterprise, we’ve got you covered.

Maximum EmailsOptimal IP reputationSPF, DKIM & DMARCPrice per month
No Email Delivery Service
Email Delivery Service 10K10.000 / month

€ 10,00 / month

Which domain would you like to use?


* Our Email Delivery Service automatically pauses when the maximum email limit is reached, but don’t worry – you’ll receive prompt notification to effortlessly continue your successful email campaigns.

Maximum emails

If you exceed the maximum number of emails allowed in your package, we’ll promptly notify you. Our flexible pricing plans allow you to easily upgrade or downgrade as needed to fit your communication needs. Having any specific wishes? Contact us

Optimal IP reputation

A high IP reputation is crucial for transactional email as it determines the deliverability of the emails to the recipient’s inbox. Having a good IP reputation will also improve the overall reputation of your brand and increase customer engagement.


These three email authentication methods ensure that emails are sent from a particular domain, are legitimate and have not been tampered with. In other words they will protect against phishing, email fraud and will improve the deliverability.

Send transactional mails
with Peace of mind

Improve your brand-image

Ensure your important customer communications are delivered with confidence. Our Email Delivery Service guarantees the timely and effective delivery of your emails, enhancing your brand reputation and fostering customer loyalty. A happy customer is a loyal customer, after all.

Communicate fast and efficient in high volume

Stay ahead of the game with the ability to send a large number of emails in a single session, you can quickly and effectively communicate with your audience. Whether it’s transactional or marketing emails, you’ll be able to reach your recipients in no time.

Get top-notch support from our hosting gurus

You can contact use by email at, call us at +31 72-7513406 or start a chat whenever you need help. We’re opened from monday till friday from 8:30AM till 6PM.

Frequently asked questions


How does the Email Delivery Service work?

With the Email Delivery Service, you can send both transactional and marketing emails with ease. Simply set it up through your CMS system using a plugin or configure it manually, and you’ll be sending emails through the service in no time, ensuring that your customer’s inboxes are reliably reached.

What is the uptime of the Email Delivery Service?

Our EDS has got a 99.99% uptime, meaning it’s nearly unbeatable and always on point.

What is the difference between a marketing and a transactional email?

Scheduled marketing emails are sent to subscribers who have opted in to receive newsletters or promotional content. Transactional emails, on the other hand, are triggered by an event and sent to registered clients. These may include password resets, order confirmations, and more.

Why would I use the Email Delivery Service?

Using an EDS can help you communicate more effectively, reach your audience more efficiently, and improve the overall success of your emails being sent.

What if my organization overspends the maximum amount of emails that are allowed to be sent?

Don’t worry, if you ever reach the limit of emails allowed in your package, we’ll let you know right away! And if you need to send more, upgrading your plan is quick and easy.

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